I write, you read.

The Many Ails of Writing

Writing is the greatest thing that humankind has ever came up with. It is the best and most coherent process of intellectual expression that allows a relatively unknown person to divulge their feelings more so then one could ever do through oral communcation. This, however, can be the hardest profession/hobby that a person can ever do.

Recently I have been wanting to enter into the Amazon Breakthrough Award Contest as I had just finished my first manuscript and wanted to get some exposure before I publish it through CreateSpace. I found out it about in early January and then went into overdrive to finish the manuscript. One thousand, two thousand, and even three thousand word days were common in my goal to be able to begin my dream as a renowned writer, all while still being in school. Elation filled me whenever I got pass the 50,000 word mark which was the limit to enter the contest. The only thing to do now was to go through every inch of the manuscript and find the grammatical mistakes; this is the most bland part of the process.

Then I decided to enter my manuscript in so that I could reserve my spot, only 5,000 can enter in each category, and when I got to the page I saw the dreaded message “General Fiction is closed”. My heart sank into limbo as my hard work has been in vein to meet my goal. First came shock ,depression, then a realization: being a writer is about the hard times. You have to persevere and not give up because of a lone setback. While I am sad that I am not going to get a big signing bonus onto Penguin Books and become a potential best seller overnight, I am glad I went through this. This is the hardest job in the world and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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